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Rave (I hope) Reviews!

I am happy to have had great feedback so far from lots and lots of bakers, both new and experienced!   Here are my most recent

If you have any questions about the starter I have written a Frequently Asked Questions that I hope will help,

If you are new to Sourdough Baking perhaps take a look at What is a Sourdough Starter? (And why you should want one!) 

You can see my latest reviews by scrolling down to the review section on my product page here!:

Sourdough Bagels Kensington Market Sourdough Discard recipes

There are also always lots of fresh reviews on my Etsy Store!   Please take a look!  

Finally, don't forget to check out the great things that customers are baking and sharing to my Instagram page @KensingtonSourdough.



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