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150 Year Old San Francisco Sourdough Starter.  SUPER ACTIVE!

150 Year Old San Francisco Sourdough Starter. SUPER ACTIVE!

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The Internet's Favourite Sourdough Starter!

This diabolical starter traces its roots back to the San Francisco gold rush (really!!) but has been living and mingling with Kensington Markets eclectic denizens for the past several years, and has now mutated into its own beast! It’s been in continuous use since 1850!

This starter makes great bread.

It’s a strong and versatile starter and i’m happy to share.

You will get a packet of dehydrated starter and a printout of step by step instructions to bring it to life.  I have added instructions for maintaining the starter and for getting started with your first loaves.   I link to some of my best recipes and my customers have been getting spectacular results! 

it’s pretty fool proof and you will be baking amazing bread in no time. It’s a great feeling to watch this starter practically bursting out of the jar as you are getting ready to bake a loaf —- I defy you to make something with this that doesn’t taste great.

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